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Es una publicación semanal británica escrita en inglés con sede en Londres, que trata sus temas desde el marco de las relaciones internacionales y la economía.1 Se publica con regularidad desde septiembre de 1843, cuando fue fundado por James Wilson. En 2004, el magazín vendió alrededor de un millón de copias por semana. El 80% de sus ventas se producen fuera del Reino Unido.
The economist : The chronicles of debt; November 14th, November, 2015

The world economy / The never-ending story, Pag. 15
Myanmar’s general election / A new era, Pag. 16 / Britain and the European Union / How to make the case, Pag. 16
Student protests / The right to fright, Pag. 17
Rice / Hare-grained, Pag. 17
On college, Black Rock, America’s army, Parliament, Europe, James Bond / Letters, Pag. 20
The world economy / Pulled back in, Pag. 25
United States Wages
Looking for a rise, Pag. 29
Electing judges / Courting cash, Pag. 30
Undocumented migrants / A stay, so go, Pag. 31
Beards / Pogonophilia , Pag. 31
Politics in Louisiana / Sins of the fathers, Pag. 32
Illinois’s budget stand-off / Rauner v the rest, Pag. 33
Lexington / The narcissism trap, Pag. 34
The Americas
Immigration to Brazil / No golden door, Pag. 35
Bello / “By hook or by crook”, Pag. 36
Canadian energy / Keystone flops, Pag. 38
Canada’s new government / Ungagging order, 38
Politics in Myanmar / Celebrating democracy, Pag. 39
Politics in India / Wallop , Pag. 40
Politics in Thailand / Never saw it coming, Pag. 42
Tourism / They wish you were here, Pag. 43
Regional development / All Partners (Except China), Pag. 43
Banyan / The emperor’s descendants, Pag. 44
China Politics / The north star, Pag. 45
Slash fiction / Click bait, Pag. 46
East and Africa Arab bureaucracies
Aiwa (yes) minister, Pag. 47
Iran’s crackdown / After the party, Pag. 48
Conflict in Sinai / The peninsular war, Pag. 48
Israel and Palestine / Stick a label on it, 49
Recovery in Liberia / After Ebola, Pag. 49
Uganda / President forever, Pag. 50
Doping in sport / A cold-war chill, Pag. 51
Russia and terrorism / Tolerance for casualties, Pag. 52
France’s National Front / Phantom menace, Pag. 52
Polish politics / He’s back Pag. 53
Politics in Romania / Collective responsibility, Pag. 54
Charlemagne / High wall, narrow sea, Pag. 55
Britain and the European Union / Cameron’s call to arms, Pag.56
Public services / Sharper elbows. Pag. 57