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Es una revista de negocios publicada por Time Inc. Fortune. Es especialmente conocida por su publicación de rankings de riqueza, mejores compañías para trabajar y todo tipo de estudios relacionados con el mundo de las finanzas.





Fortune : Every aspect of your business is about /; Vol. 172, No. 6 November, 2015


The U.S. has the highest drug prices in the world with no cure in sight by Laura Lorenzetti, Pag. 17
Why big business love marathons by Phil Wahba by Scott Cendrowski, Pag. 25
A roundup of standout moment from this year’s by Patricia Sellers, Pag. 26
The 50 best small and medium size companies to work for by Stacey Higginbotham and Claire Zillman, Pag. 39
The new stand-up management by Jennifer Alsever, Pag. 48
Five ways to avoid communization by Verne Harnish, Pag. 50
The latest in haute horlogerie by Colleen Kane, Pag. 57
The trio of women mastering big data box by Michal Lev Raim, Pag. 63
What’s the latest tech industry perk? Internet – connected windows that may boost productivity by Erin Griffith, Pag. 64
Highlights from fortune’s conference sustainable future, Pag. 66
Ford drives its ongoing revival with materials science innovation by Sue Callaway, Pag. 68
A billionaire’s radical solution to the problem of water scarcity by Brittany Shoot, Pag. 26
How does GE maintain energy infrastructure? With a fleet of flying robots, of course by Jonathan Vanian, Pag. 77
Pipeline company shares could be a smart way for investors to refuel by Ryan Derousseau, Pag. 89
Why Acadia Healthcare a leader in treating mental illness and addiction shows promise by Lauren Silvia Laughlin, Pag. 94