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Es una revista de divulgación científica. Fue fundada por Rufus Porter. Scientific American se ha publicado (primero semanalmente, luego mensualmente) desde 28 de agosto de 1845 haciéndola la revista de publicación continua más antigua de los Estados Unidos. Scientific American publicó una enciclopedia a comienzos de los años 90 titulada The Americana.




Scientif American : Master builders; Vol. 313, No. 5 November, 2015


The workers who built Egypt’s most famous structures did not just drag stone blocks. They were a highly organized, elite labor force that used extensive trade networks to acquire building supplies by Zach Zorich, Pag. 32
An extraordinary camera that can map 200 million galaxies will help astronomers in the Dark Energy Surgery explain why the universe seems to be expanding at a ever faster pace by Joshua Friedman, Pag. 40
Tiny new devices promise to diagnose infectious diseases within minutes instead of day saving live in the process by Shana O. Kelley, Pag. 48
As a nasty bacterium threatens Italy’s olive groves, growers and scientist fight about what to do by Barbie Latza Nadeau, Pag. 52
Before we start sharing our lives with robots, we must teach them to understand and mimic human emotion by Patricia K. Kuhl, Pag. 64
Our sense of the universe as orderly expanse where events happen in absolute locations is an illusion by George Musser, Pag. 70