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Es una revista norteamericana de relaciones internacionales, publicada por el Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) bimestralmente. El CFR es una organización privada fundada en Nueva York en 1921, con la misión de promover el entendimiento de la política exterior y el rol de Estados Unidos en el mundo. Desde el año 2000, el CFR, en colaboración con el Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM), publica la revista Foreign Affairs Latinoamérica, cuyos contenidos corresponden en un 50% a artículos traducidos de la edición en inglés y el resto de los textos se escribe especialmente para la edición en español.



Foreing affair : the post American middle east; Vol. 95, No.6 December, 2015


The Post-American Middle East / What's Inside by Gideon Rose
The End of Pax Americana / Why Washington’s Middle East Pullback Makes Sense by Steven Simon and Jonathan Stevenson
Beyond Counterterrorism / Washington Needs a Real Middle East Policy
By Daniel Byman
How to Prevent an Iranian Bomb The Case for Deterrence by Michael Mandelbaum
A Windfall for Iran? The End of Sanctions and the Iranian Economy
By Cyrus Amir-Mokri and Hamid Biglari
Iraq in Pieces Breaking Up to Stay Together by Ali Khedery
ISIS as Revolutionary State New Twist on an Old Story by Stephen M. Walt
Digital Counterinsurgency How to Marginalize the Islamic State Online
By Jared Cohen
Bridging the Gulf How to Fix U.S. Relations with the GCC by Ilan Goldenberg and Melissa G. Dalton
Over Egypt Time to Rethink Relations by Michael Wahid Hanna
Why Israel Waits Anti-Solutions as a Strategy by Natan Sachs
Help Refugees 
Help Themselves Let Displaced Syrians Join the Labor Market by Alexander Betts and Paul Collier
Littler England The United Kingdom’s Retreat From 
Global Leadership
By Anand Menon
Rank Has Its Privileges How International Ratings Dumb Down Global Governance by Alexander Cooley and Jack Snyder
Delusions of 
Grand Strategy The Problem With Washington’s Planning Obsession by David M. Edelstein and Ronald R. Krebs
High Hopes for Hydrogen Fuel Cells and the Future of Energy by
Matthew M. Mench
Food and the Transformation of Africa Getting Smallholders Connected
By Kofi Annan and Sam Dryden
How to Be a Jew 
in France Léon Blum and French Anti-Semitism by Lisa Moses Leff
The Law of the Lands How the U.S. Supreme Court Engages With the World by Richard A. Posner
A Nudge Too Far Paternalism and the Pitfalls of Behavioral Economics by Phillip L. Swagel
Keeping Up With the Caliphate An Islamic State for the Internet Age by Hisham Melhem