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La Traversée de Paris French: The Trip Across Paris, is a French comedy drama film from 1956, directed by Claude Autant-Lara, written by Marcel Aymé, starring Jean Gabin, Bourvil and Louis de Funès. The film is known under the titles: "Four Bags Full" (USA), "Pig Across Paris" (UK), "The Trip Across Paris" (International English title).

Action takes place in Paris during WWII in 1942. Unemployed Taxi-Driver, Marcel Martin makes his living delivering parcels on the black market. One day, he must carry by foot, to the other side of the capital, four suitcases containing pork meat. He goes to the basement of a grocer named Jambier and plays the accordion while the animal is butchered.
Martin then goes with his wife Mariette to the restaurant where he must find his accomplice. He learns that he has been arrested by the police. A stranger then enters the restaurant and on a misunderstanding, Martin invited him to share his meal and to work with him replacing his former accomplice.
This decision is quickly turning out as calamitous as this new character, named Grandgil, isn't very compliant. He firsts ask for a drastic increase in salary terrorizing the unfortunate grocer Jambier. Then he almost damages the bar, where the two accomplices are hiding from the police, and calls the patrons "poor coward".
Grandgil then almost knocks-off a policeman in Martin's neighborhood. And later when escaping a German patrol, they end up taking refuge in the apartment of Grandgil, where Martin is stunned to discover that Grandgil is in fact a famous painter of some renown who has agreed to follow along mainly for his own entertainment.
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