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Lone Star

Lone Star is a 1996 American mystery film written and directed by John Sayles and set in a small town in Texas. The ensemble cast features Chris Cooper, Kris Kristofferson, Matthew McConaughey and Elizabeth Peña and deals with a sheriff's investigation into the murder of one of his predecessors. The movie was filmed in Del Rio, Eagle Pass and Laredo, Texas.

Sheriff Sam Deeds (Chris Cooper) is the county sheriff in Frontera, Texas, a fictional border town in the fictional Rio County. Sam has little enthusiasm for his job and the local politics that go with the job. Sam got the job because his late father was the popular and legendary Sheriff Buddy Deeds (Matthew McConaughey), who is remembered as fair and just by the citizens of Rio County. However, Sam had many problems with his father and the pair routinely argued and fought.
Sam is particularly disapproving of efforts by Mayor Hollis Pogue (Clifton James), Buddy's chief deputy and best friend, and business leader Mercedes Cruz (Míriam Colón), to rename the local courthouse in Buddy's honor. As a teenager, Sam had been in love with Mercedes' daughter Pilar (Elizabeth Peña), but the courtship was opposed by both of their parents. After a chance meeting at the courthouse dedication ceremony, Sam and the now-widowed Pilar slowly resume their courtship.
Colonel Delmore Payne (Joe Morton) has recently arrived in town as the new base commander of the local U.S. Army base. Delmore is the son of Otis "Big O" Payne (Ron Canada), a local nightclub owner and leading figure in the area's African-American community. The two are estranged because of Otis' serial infidelity and abandonment of Delmore's mother when Delmore was a child. One day, some of Delmore's men discover a human skeleton on an old shooting range along with a Masonic ring, a Rio County sheriff's badge, and a bullet not used by the military. Sam brings in Texas Ranger Ben Wetzel to help with the case. Wetzel tells Sam that the forensics identify the skeleton as that of Charlie Wade (Kris Kristofferson), the notoriously brutal and corrupt sheriff who preceded Buddy. Sam and Wetzel recall the famous story known throughout the border region of how one night in 1957 Charlie Wade mysteriously disappeared with $10,000 in county funds and Buddy took over as sheriff shortly thereafter.
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